Surgery Prices


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Spay and Neuter Surgery:

Appointments are required for spay/neuter surgeries. Our surgery days are Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday with drop-off at 7:30 am. 

Male Dog Neuter: $70

Female Dog Spay: $80

Female Cat Spay: $45

Male Cat Neuter: $40

Feral/Community Cat Spay/Neuter: $10 includes rabies vaccination and ear tip. 

Mother/Kitten Special: $75 – must bring all kittens in litter (4 months or younger) and the Mother Cat to be eligible for this special!

Additional charges price by doctors discretion 

In Heat- $10-25

Cryptorchid - undescended testicle  $10-$40 

Pre-surgical bloodwork- $45 recommended for dogs 7 years old or older and high risk patients. Must be done at least 2 days before surgery.

Additional services offered during surgery 

For a little extra money, your animal can have vaccinations, microchipping, deworming, and toenail trims done while they are under anaesthesia. If you are interested in these services please let us know when you check your animal in for surgery. 

Microchip: $19

Canine Toenail Trim: $8

Dewormer: $5-$25

Vaccinations during surgery: $15-$16 per vaccine. Please see vaccines and prices below.



Cat Vaccines

FVRCP: $15
(feline rhinotracheitis, calici virus, panleukopenia) Recommended for ALL cats.
FeLV: $16
(Feline Leukemia) (Recommended for outdoor cats, must be tested for Leukemia prior to vaccination).
Rabies: $15
Recommended for all cats, but especially outdoor cats.


Dog Vaccines

DHPP: $15
(distemper, parainfluenza, hepatitis, parvovirus)
Rabies: $15
DHPP and Rabies vaccinations are recommended for ALL dogs.
Bordatella: $16 
(kennel cough) This vaccine is recommended for dogs who are taken to kennels, groomed, use doggie daycare or frequent the dog park. 


Additional charges may be applied for dogs and cats in heat or pregnant.

Additional charges apply for dogs or cats with retained testicles (cryptorchid) or hernia repairs.

We encourage all owners to purchase an E-Collar (plastic cone) for $10.  Using an E-Collar post-surgery will help reduce the chances your dog will lick or chew at their incision causing potential complications.  You can return your used E-Collar for a $5 refund!!!

All dogs are sent home with 3 days additional pain medication at no extra charge.