Pet Identification

No one plans on losing their pet, but it is important to think about.  All pets should wear collars and tags at all times to help identify them in case they become lost, especially in Bend, Oregon.

The best way to ensure your pet will make its way home is to have them microchipped. Bend Spay & Neuter Project uses Found Animals Foundation brand microchips. Microchipping is a simple, nearly painless procedure that is done while animals are under anesthesia for surgery at the Bend Spay & Neuter Project. Pet microchips Bend Oregon can also be implanted during our Saturday Wellness Clinics.  Microchips last forever and are a more permanent method of identification than collars and tags. Please see more information on the importance of microchipping your pet at

If you do lose your pet in Bend, please use our free service, Furry Friend Finder, and report your dog missing. We will send out an e-mail to our list of followers so that they may be found as quickly as possible.

The Bend Spay & Neuter Project offers the following Pet Identification tools for your convenience and to keep your pet safe.

Microchips: $19

Engraved Red Dingo Lifetime Warrantied Pet Tags: $12 - $17

They come in various sizes, colors, styles, and designs for added fun!  Feel free to go check ‘em out at