Spay It Forward Update #2!

We are 25% of the way to our $10K Goal! We have 27 more days to go! Can you help to spread the word? The Spay It Forward Challenge is to donate $25 and ask a friend or family member to do the same! Our goal is to raise $10K to provide 200 free surgeries by May 30th! Visit our home page and click Donate Now to donate now!

Sniffy is a cat who was rescued from a situation where he lived with about 30 other cats. He was neutered and vaccinated at Bend Spay+Neuter Project. Sniffy also had what's called an entropion surgery. Entropion is a painful condition in which an animal's eyelashes grow into their eyes instead of outwards like they are supposed to! 

Sniffy is being fostered while he recovers from surgery but will be heading to the Humane Society of Central Oregon soon! Most of Sniffy's 29 buddies also went to the Humane Society of Central Oregon, but some were fixed and returned to their home.

All of Sniffy's services were performed for free thanks to YOUR donations! 

Before Surgery                                      After Surgery! 

Megan Wellinghoff
Megan Wellinghoff