Spay It Forward Spring Fundraiser Update!

Happy Spring Everyone!

Our Spay It Forward spring challenge is in full swing! We've raised nearly 15% of our goal of $10K to provide 200 FREE spay/neuters for cats and dogs here in Central Oregon. Can you help us reach our goal? We are challenging you to donate $25 and ask a friend to do the same. $50 allows us to provide one free surgery for a cat or dog in need. Please help us say yes to pets and people in need by Spaying IT Forward today! 


In our next newsletter update coming out this Saturday, you'll meet a woman who called BSNP for help with the whopping 80+ cats living on her property (see photo below!). Hear her story and find out what BSNP did to help by joining our mailing list! Visit our home page and scroll to the bottom to sign up! 

80+ Cats were fixed and vaccinated at BSNP after receiving a call for help in the fall of 2015.

As always, thanks so much for your support! It is an honor to serve our community by helping pets and people stay happy and healthy together! 


Megan, Executive Director, BSNP

Megan Wellinghoff
Megan Wellinghoff