Rook Oreo and Hawk's Stories...

Rook is a lovely 7 year old Staffordshire Terrier mix whose owner loves her so very much. He brought her to BSNP after she was seen by another vet who diagnosed her with what's called a pyometra. Pyometra is a condition in which an unspayed female dog's uterus becomes infected. Without emergency surgery, Rook would not have survived. Thankfully, Rook's owner was sent to BSNP by his veterinarian because he could not afford the procedure. BSNP was able to get Rook in the same day for the livesaving spay surgery she needed! Rook's Dad was able to afford the surgery at BSNP, and now he and Rook will live happily ever after! 

Oreo has a similar story to Rook! After being seen at her regular veterinarian, Oreo was diagnosed with a severe pyometra. Her surgery was one of the most difficult that BSNP's lead veterinarian and Medical Director, Dr. Katie Bahr, had ever done. Oreo's uterus was so badly infected, that once Dr. Bahr successfully removed it, she weighed a full 4 pounds less than she had before the surgery! Without this livesaving surgery, Oreo would've likely died the next day. Because of donations from our community, Oreo and her Mom will live happily ever after in Prineville! 

Hawk is one handsome community cat! He was trapped by BSNP's all star Community Cat volunteers, Elaine and Suzie specifically to get this awesome haircut due to his fur being severely matted. Hawk was trapped on a day when BSNP was very busy with other surgeries, but thankfully one of BSNP's partner clinics, Bend Veterinary Clinic, was able to see him and shave his matted fur into this lovely haircut! Thank you Elaine, Suzie and Bend Vet! 

We hope you will consider making a donation to help us help more pets+people next year! Thank you for your support and for making it possible for us to help dogs and cats like Rook, Oreo and Hawk! 

Jeffery flones
Jeffery flones