Mr. Mellow Finds His Forever Home

Mr. Mellow's story...

During our October free spay/neuter clinic in Warm Springs, we met a woman named Leah, and her two dogs Chance and Mellow. Chance, the outgoing one, sometimes pushed Mellow around and Mellow, the aptly named more timid one, was a bit more, well…Mellow. We neutered and vaccinated Chance and Mellow and let Leah know that if she needed us for anything else, we would be back again in November.

November rolled around, and as we were setting up our clinic, Leah pulled into the parking lot. She was very upset, and told us that Mellow had been seriously injured and she needed our help. She could not bring him to us because it was too painful for him to move. Mellow’s jaw was possibly broken, so he hadn’t eaten in days, and he was not able to walk due to a serious injury to his back left leg. He was in bad shape.

At that point we had to consider what options we had. Leah agreed that she would do whatever needed to make sure that Mellow received the care he so desperately needed. We gave him some pain medication and very carefully loaded him into a crate to transport him back to Bend. One thing we knew for sure, Mellow needed to eat! We made sure to stop for cheeseburgers on the way home and Mellow happily ate two cheeseburgers, which we broke into very small pieces for him!

We knew Mellow’s injuries were too severe for local shelters to take on, so we arranged to have his x-rays reviewed by Dr. Parchman at Central Oregon Veterinary Specialists. The news was better than we could’ve hoped for! Mellow would most likely heal with a few months of bed rest. We were over the moon excited!

The next problem was determining who could care for Mellow while he healed. Luckily, Sharon, one of our amazing volunteers, stepped in to help. Sharon cared for Mellow for 3 weeks until another volunteer called to say that they wanted to adopt him. After talking with Leah, we all decided that it was in Mellow’s best interest to give it a shot. After all, Mellow would get to live inside full time, he wouldn’t be bullied anymore and he would have a constant companion in Chris, the volunteer who wanted to adopt him.

Chris also has a story of healing. Two years ago Chris was diagnosed with a rare heart condition, and despite being in his early 40’s, had to undergo a full heart transplant. Chris’s activity will be limited for the rest of his life, but having a dog will allow him to take walks and will allow Mellow to have a new purpose in life; Chris
’s service and therapy dog.

Leah showed our team that people who truly care for their pets will do absolutely anything to make sure they are cared for, even if it means letting them go. This is what BSNP is about, going the extra mile to help pets, and their people, but we can’t do it without you.

Your donation will allow us to help more dogs in Warm Springs and pets throughout Central Oregon. It will allow us to say YES when people come to us in need, and we love saying YES!

Happy Holidays to you and your furry family from all of us at Bend Spay+Neuter Project!



Megan Gram

Executive Director, Bend Spay+Neuter Project


Megan Wellinghoff
Megan Wellinghoff