2016 Has Been A Great Year!

December 31, 2016

All around, 2016 has been a wild ride. For Bend Spay+Neuter Project, however, it's been a pretty darn good year. Overall, we were able to help 6,120 local pets stay happy, healthy and most importantly, together with the people who love them. Our Affordable Spay/Neuter Program provided 2,785 surgeries for cats and dogs in need. Our Community Cat Program trapped, vaccinated and sterilized 1,030 outdoor cats, finding homes for over 100 of them through local shelters. Our weekly Saturday Wellness Clinics provided basic veterinary care for 2,305 local pets, allowing people with limited financial resources to provide their pets with the basic care they need to stay healthy. In addition to the services provided in our clinic, the HOPE Pet Food Bank, our partnership with Bend Pet Express, provided free pet food for 943 clients and over 2,000 local pets in need in 2016. 

In addition to the spaying and neutering, wellness services and outreach programs, Bend Spay+Neuter Project moved to a newer, larger and much more professional location in 2016! We have finally settled in and are absolutely loving our new space, which is conveniently right across the parking lot from our old space in the East Bend Plaza. Stop in and see us sometime! 

In April, our Medical Director, Dr. Katie Bahr and Board Member and photographer Jessi Princiotto, trained with Bend Police Department to join them on animal cruelty cases. Dr. Bahr and Jessi will now be able to accompany Bend Police on cases to help confirm and document local animal cruelty situations. 

In May we hosted the 3rd annual Barks and Recreation in Drake Park. Over 300 people and dogs attended and over $7K was raised for BSNP! Mark your calendars for Memorial Day weekend 2017 when Barks and Recreation will return with even more contests for you and your pooch! 

In August Bend Spay+Neuter Project was honored to be voted Best Non-Profit Organization by readers of The Source Weekly. In addition to Best Non-Profit, BSNP also won Best Fundraising Event for our Furball: Dogs On The Catwalk event held at the end of August each year. Mark your calendars for August 18th, 2017; you won't want to miss this year's Doggie Fashion Show! 

Our proudest moment however, came with our very first Mobile Animal Surgery Hospital or 'MASH' Clinic on the Native American Reservation in Warm Springs in September of this year. Our monthly clinics have now provided spay/neuter and rabies vaccinations for 80 dogs in three months, as well as finding homes for an additional 23 dogs through partnerships with local shelters. 

Throughout the year, BSNP also held two free rabies vaccination clinics and one free microchip clinic. In March, 150 dogs in Redmond received free vaccinations and in July 164 dogs in La Pine received free vaccines. In November, BSNP teamed up with Subaru of Bend and the ASPCA to provide 67 free microchips, in hopes of increasing the chances that lost pets will be reunited with their owners. 

As you can see, it's been a busy year; I could go on for days! Our team is so grateful to have the opportunity to serve our community's pets and people, and we couldn't do it without your support. Please consider making an end of the year donation to help us help more pets and people in 2017. We are continuing to grow along with our community, and we can't wait to see how many people and pets we can help in 2017. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts, thank you for caring enough to share our stories, donate what you can, and help us advocate for all pets to have loving homes. 

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Happy New Year To You And Your Furry Family from all of us at BSNP!

Megan, Clinic Director

Dr. Katie, Medical Director

Jessica, Certified Vet Tech

Rhonda, Office Manager

Teagan, Recovery Assistant

Marina, Veterinary Assistant

Trish, Bookkeeper

Brinna, Executive Assistant

And all of our amazing Volunteers! 

Mr. Mellow's story...

During our October free spay/neuter clinic in Warm Springs, we met a woman named Leah, and her two dogs Chance and Mellow. Chance, the outgoing one, sometimes pushed Mellow around and Mellow, the aptly named more timid one, was a bit more, well…Mellow. We neutered and vaccinated Chance and Mellow and let Leah know that if she needed us for anything else, we would be back again in November.

November rolled around, and as we were setting up our clinic, Leah pulled into the parking lot. She was very upset, and told us that Mellow had been seriously injured and she needed our help. She could not bring him to us because it was too painful for him to move. Mellow’s jaw was possibly broken, so he hadn’t eaten in days, and he was not able to walk due to a serious injury to his back left leg. He was in bad shape.

At that point we had to consider what options we had. Leah agreed that she would do whatever needed to make sure that Mellow received the care he so desperately needed. We gave him some pain medication and very carefully loaded him into a crate to transport him back to Bend. One thing we knew for sure, Mellow needed to eat! We made sure to stop for cheeseburgers on the way home and Mellow happily ate two cheeseburgers, which we broke into very small pieces for him!

We knew Mellow’s injuries were too severe for local shelters to take on, so we arranged to have his x-rays reviewed by Dr. Parchman at Central Oregon Veterinary Specialists. The news was better than we could’ve hoped for! Mellow would most likely heal with a few months of bed rest. We were over the moon excited!

The next problem was determining who could care for Mellow while he healed. Luckily, Sharon, one of our amazing volunteers, stepped in to help. Sharon cared for Mellow for 3 weeks until another volunteer called to say that they wanted to adopt him. After talking with Leah, we all decided that it was in Mellow’s best interest to give it a shot. After all, Mellow would get to live inside full time, he wouldn’t be bullied anymore and he would have a constant companion in Chris, the volunteer who wanted to adopt him.

Chris also has a story of healing. Two years ago Chris was diagnosed with a rare heart condition, and despite being in his early 40’s, had to undergo a full heart transplant. Chris’s activity will be limited for the rest of his life, but having a dog will allow him to take walks and will allow Mellow to have a new purpose in life; Chris
’s service and therapy dog.

Leah showed our team that people who truly care for their pets will do absolutely anything to make sure they are cared for, even if it means letting them go. This is what BSNP is about, going the extra mile to help pets, and their people, but we can’t do it without you.

Your donation will allow us to help more dogs in Warm Springs and pets throughout Central Oregon. It will allow us to say YES when people come to us in need, and we love saying YES!

Happy Holidays to you and your furry family from all of us at Bend Spay+Neuter Project!



Megan Gram

Executive Director, Bend Spay+Neuter Project



Eric & Bronx's Story

The Bend Spay and Neuter Project is best known for its mission to provide low to no cost spay and neuter for the pets and their humans in need of Central Oregon. Another goal of the Bend Spay and Neuter Project is to keep pets in their homes and with their humans and out of the shelters. This includes helping people (and animals) that often have nowhere else to turn.

One person that we had the pleasure to meet and help this year was Eric O. and his dog Bronx (affectionately known as “Chicken Butt”). Eric is technically “homeless” but prefers to think of himself as a traveler, and it was his trip through Bend this summer where he met Dr. Lisa, one of our spay and neuter veterinarians.

Dr. Lisa has a very special spot in her heart for the pets of people without homes. She often will stop and talk to them about their dog (especially if they are not neutered!). She writes down the Bend spay and neuter info on the back of their sign (if they have one, and most do). She came across Eric one summer evening selling tin “flowers” that he makes out of soda cans. Dr. Lisa fell in love with “chicken butt”, or Bronx, an adorable Chihuahua cattle dog mix.

She could tell immediately that Eric’s main concern, even before himself, was his dog. And the feeling was mutual. Their bond was obvious and Dr.Lisa decided to ask Eric if he’d ever thought about neutering Bronx. Eric said that he had, but he was concerned it might change him because he was such a great dog. Eric was also concerned because Bronx had started running off, and he used to NEVER leave Eric’s side. It was usually to go investigate another female dog. Dr. Lisa told Eric that neutering him would only have positive effects and that if he could get to Bend Spay and Neuter Project, she would do the surgery and he wouldn’t have to worry about how to pay for it. She wrote the address of the Bend Spay and Neuter Project on the back of his sign ,and the days we were open for surgery.

Dr. Lisa told Megan about her conversation in case Eric showed up, but a little over a week went by and we figured he had moved on…..Until one Friday morning when Dr. Lisa pulled into our driveway and there was Bronx, sleeping in the sun on our little grassy knoll in front of the clinic, with his trusty sidekick Eric sound asleep next to him.

No one had the heart to wake them, so we just waited. About 9am Eric came in to the clinic and Dr. Lisa met him in the lobby. He had, indeed, slept the night next to our clinic to have Bronx neutered. He walked over in the middle of the night. He said he was staying at a friends, but felt “it wasn’t a safe environment” for Bronx. It was one of our cat only Fridays so Bronx had the honor of being the only dog that day.

 Eric had all of Bronx’s shot records in his backpack (or as he called it, his “office”). Bronx was not only current on all his vaccines, but he was microchipped and wearing not one, but two id tags. His surgery went great and Dr. Lisa met Eric downtown to deliver Bronx to him after his procedure. Eric was so grateful. Dr. Lisa gave him her cell number in case he had any questions or concerns. The next day Dr. Lisa met Eric downtown and helped Eric give Bronx his pain medication (Eric couldn’t get him to take it but a little beef jerky did the trick!). She checked his incision and he was doing great. We figured that was probably the last time we’d see the pair since Eric was on his way to British Columbia.

About a month later Dr. Lisa saw that cute little Chicken Butt again downtown. Eric had returned to Bend and was selling his flowers to make some traveling money. He wouldn’t take any money from Dr. Lisa but as she talked with Eric for a bit she learned he was concerned because his sleeping bag was ripped and it didn’t keep Bronx warm anymore. Dr. Lisa told Eric that if he showed up at REI the next day she’d find a sleeping bag for them. Of course Eric showed up with his beloved Bronx and they both left REI with a nice warm bag, rated to minus 20 so they’d both be warm in the winter.

 Eric is an example of how the human animal bond is so important. Dr. Lisa may have helped him, but he really helped her. He helped her by proving that people who have nothing will often do almost anything, given the opportunity, to help their animals. This is what Bend Spay and Neuter is about. We do a little bit for a lot of people, and when you add it up, it makes a difference.

Please consider donating to our #GivingTuesday GivingGrid by clicking HERE! 

Happy Holidays from all of us at BSNP! 

Hope you can join us at Bend Pet Express eastside location from 1pm to 3pm for a Howling good time! Costumes encouraged! Digital Photo files by Veronica Busch photography will be $15 each. Other treats and games provided by Bend Pet Express!

Join us at Volcanic Theater Pub on October 9th for a FREE screening of The Champions, a documentary film about what happened to Michael Vick's fighting dogs after the ring was broken up... a heartwarming and uplifting story that will leave you loving Pitties as much as we do! Donations accepted!

Doors open at 6pm and film starts at 7pm.

Pints for Pits is a fundraising event for BSNP's Pit Bull Program. Only 1 in 600 Pitties will find their forever home. BSNP's Pit Bull Program provides free spay/neuter for Pitties and mixes, preventing hundreds of puppies from entering local shelters. Proceeds from the sales of Sunriver Brewing and Oblivion Pints go to the cause! Live Music from Tone Red and awesome raffle prizes!
Please consider making a donation as part of our virtual Strut Your Mutt online fundraising campaign! You can also join our team for $25! Joining our team means that you commit to helping us spread the word and raising money from your friends and family for our cause! Our overall goal is $5,000 to help more people and pets! Can you help by signing up today?? Click here for details!
BSNP will be closed Aug. 2nd but we will respond to voicemails in the afternoon. Please see our website for prices and services or to schedule an appointment. Feel free to email info@bendsnip.org with any other concerns you may have. We apologize for any inconvenience. Thank you!
Come watch hilarious Karaoke at The Capitol on Bond next to Patagonia in downtown Bend. Proceeds from karaoke and the sales of special Tito's Vodka drinks will go to BSNP! This event will take place on July 20th from 6pm to 10pm. We hope to see you there!
Please join Bend Spay and Neuter Project for a free rabies vaccination clinic at the La Pine Chamber of Commerce this Sunday from 10am to 2pm or until we run out of 200 vaccinations. First come, first served. Please bring dogs on leash and cats in a secure carrier. Carriers and leashes available if needed. Please cal 541-617-1010 for questions!
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