Spay & Neuter Services

Bend Spay & Neuter Clinic Services

Please call the clinic at 541-617-1010 to schedule an appointment or click here to fill out a schedule request online
Your pet will receive personal, loving care by staff and volunteers at Bend Spay and Neuter Project.  We are a dedicated and experienced team of animal lovers.  All patients are placed under general anesthesia for spay/neuter procedures and all procedures are performed by a Veterinarian licensed to practice in the state of Oregon.  Patients are prepped for surgery and placed under anesthesia by our Certified Veterinary Technician.  All patients are monitored continuously post surgery until they are able to sit up and are fully alert and awake.  Patients are not discharged until they are able to stand and walk on their own. 
If you feel your pet is having complications post surgery, please call the clinic at 541-617-1010.  Your first re-check is FREE if you feel that one is necessary.  If you feel your pet is having an emergency post surgery, and it is after hours, please call the Animal Emergency Clinic at 541-385-9110.

Spay and Neuter Services for Cats:

Female Cat Spay: $45.00 (there is a $10 fee for in heat cats and a $10-$20 fee for pregnant cats)
Male Cat Neuter: 

Mother & Kitten Special: $49.00 (Must bring Mother cat and kittens must be under 5 months)

Spay and Neuter Services for Feral/Stray Cats:

All feral cats receive the following services which are done on a donation basis (please donate if you are able to help us continue this program!):

  • Spay/Neuter Surgery
  • Rabies vaccination
  • FVRCP (distemper) vaccination
  • De-Worming
  • Eartip (a small piece of the left ear tip is removed to show the cat has been fixed.  This is a mandatory procedure for feral cats to prevent them from being brought back to the clinic and re-anesthetizing them)

If you have found a stray – call for an appointment. We can check it for a microchip and check to see if it has already been fixed. We perform this service on a donation basis.

Any additional services such as vaccinations and microchips are offered at the regular prices for stray cats.

All cats receive 12 hours of pain medication.

Please note, it is our policy to EARTIP ALL FERAL CATS.

**All Cats receive 12 hours of pain medication. An additional 3 day supply is available for $10. It is recommended for cats 5 years and older, or pregnant females.

Spay and Neuter Services for Dogs:

Male: $70

Female: $80

$10-$25 possible additional charge for dogs who are in heat or obese.

$25 for dogs over 100#
$25-$75 possible additional charge for pregnant dogs .  (please inquire about mother and puppy specials to have your puppies altered before adoption!)

$20-$40 – Cryptorchid (male dog with retained testicles)

*Hernia repairs  are done on a case by case basis, please let our Receptionist know if your dog is in need of this service.

**We encourage all owners to purchase an E-Collar (plastic cone) for $10.  Using an E-Collar post-surgery will help reduce the chances your dog will lick or chew at their incision causing potential complications.  You can return your used E-Collar for a $5 refund!!!

All dogs are sent home with 3 days additional pain medication at no extra charge!

*For dogs over 7 years we require pre-anesthetic blood-work and additional take home pain medication. Please let our Receptionist know if your dog is over 7 years old when scheduling your appointment.

Pre-Surgical Instructions:

For kittens under 4 mths of age please feed them a small amount of food the morning of surgery. For older cats and dogs, no food after 9:00 pm the night before, they can have access to water anytime.
Please bring cats in a clean carrier with a clean towel inside and drop off at 7:45am. If you have more than one animal please separate them in as many carriers as possible.

Please bring dogs on a leash and leave them in the car while paperwork is filled out. Dogs need to arrive at the clinic at 7:30am.

Dogs are typically available for pick up at 3pm, cats at 4pm.  Latest pickup is 5pm.  There will be a $10 fee for every 15 minutes a patient is left after 5pm.

Click here for After Care Instructions for surgical patients.