Bend Spay & Neuter Clinic Services

Please call the clinic at 541-617-1010 to schedule an appointment or click here to fill out a schedule request online
Additional Financial Assistance is Available.

Spay and Neuter for Cats:

Female Cat Spay: $45.00 (there is a $10 fee for in heat cats and a $10-$20 fee for pregnant cats)
Male Cat Neuter: 

Mother & Kitten Special: $49.00 (Must bring Mother cat and kittens must be under 5 months)

Stray/Feral Community Cats: Done on a donation basis

If you have found a stray – call for an appointment. We can check it for a microchip and check to see if it has already been fixed. We perform this service on a donation basis.

All cats receive 12 hours of pain medication.

Please note, it is our policy to EARTIP ALL FERAL CATS.

Spay and Neuter for Dogs:

Male Dog Neuter: $70

Female Dog Spay: $80

  • $10-$25 possible additional charge for dogs who are in heat or obese.
    $25-$75 possible additional charge for pregnant dogs .  (please inquire about mother and puppy specials to have your puppies altered before adoption!)
  • $20-$40 – Cryptorchid (male dog with retained testicles)
  • *Hernia repairs  are done on a case by case basis, please let our Receptionist know if your dog is in need of this service.

We encourage all owners to purchase an E-Collar (plastic cone) for $10.  Using an E-Collar post-surgery will help reduce the chances your dog will lick or chew at their incision causing potential complications.  You can return your used E-Collar for a $5 refund!!!

All dogs are sent home with 3 days additional pain medication at no extra charge.