Parasite Prevention

Bend Spay and Neuter Project offers the following parasite prevention:
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  • General De-Worming: pricing based on weight $5-$20
    De-Worming – Tapeworms: pricing based on weight $10-$50
  • Earmite Treatment: $6 (for cats only, if your cat has earmites it will be treated while at our clinic for surgery to prevent the spread of infection to other patients)
  • Capstar Flea Treatment: $8/pill (Capstar kills live fleas on dogs and cats only, it does not kill eggs or prevent fleas, if your pet has a severe flea infestation, it will be given a Capstar pill at the time of surgery)

These services can be performed while your pet is at our clinic to be fixed or at our Saturday Wellness Clinics.