Spay/Neuter Prices


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Services Available

Spay and Neuter Surgery:

Appointments are required for spay/neuter surgeries (with the exception of feral cats)

Male Dog Neuter: $70

Male Dog Zeuterin: $60 (non-surgical sterilization, please inquire for more details)

Female Dog Spay: $80

Female Cat Spay: $45

Male Cat Neuter: $40

Feral/Community Cat Spay/Neuter + Rabies Vaccination: $10

Mother/Kitten Special: $75 – must bring all kittens in litter (4 months or younger) and the Mother Cat to be eligible for this special!

Additional charges may be applied for dogs and cats in heat or pregnant.

Additional charges apply for dogs or cats with retained testicles (cryptorchid) or hernia repairs.

Dew claws which are not attached to the bone and deciduous teeth may be removed while your pet is under anesthesia. 

We encourage all owners to purchase an E-Collar (plastic cone) for $10.  Using an E-Collar post-surgery will help reduce the chances your dog will lick or chew at their incision causing potential complications.  You can return your used E-Collar for a $5 refund!!!

All dogs are sent home with 3 days additional pain medication at no extra charge.


Vaccinations & Other Services:

DHPP: $15

FVRCP: $15

Bordatella: (dogs only): $16

FeLV: $16 (requires pre-testing for feline leukemia)

Rabies: $15

Dog License: $16 (neutered) $30 (un-neutered)

De-Worming: $5 – $20 (depending on patient weight)

Microchip: $25

Dog/Cat ID Tag: $12

Toe Nail Trim: $8/$12 (during wellness clinics)

There is a $5 office visit fee per patient for Saturday Wellness Clinics.

Current Assistance Programs:

If you are on some type of government assistance call the Humane Society of Central Oregon, (541) 382-3537 for a SNAP voucher.  You can also visit for a $10 off coupon valid for any spay or neuter surgery~

Pit Bulls and Pit Bull mixes are eligible for our Pit Bull Program.  Please call for details and a sliding price scale.