Mother & Kitten Special

Have you found a litter of kittens? Did your female cat sneak out and get herself pregnant? We thank you for taking the time to find your kittens new forever homes, but in order to be sure this doesn’t happen to someone else, we encourage you to have your kittens spayed or neutered before adoption!!

Here’s the Deal: You bring Momma cat and ALL of her kittens, and we’ll spay and neuter everyone for the cost of Momma’s surgery, just $45!!

Stop the Cycle of unwanted pets!!
Don’t let your kittens become parents!!
Spay or Neuter BEFORE your adopt out your kittens!!

Here’s an Idea: Ask the new adopters for a small fee to help cover the cost of Momma’s surgery, and ask if they are willing to add a little bit more to help make a donation towards the cost of the kitten’s surgeries. This way, Bend Spay and Neuter can continue to provide this great deal!